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Place to Sleep Hotels is a Finnish entrepreneur led hotel chain, operated by Orya Invest Oy. Our hotel concept drives business to local communities and enables a truly local experience for the traveler.

By focusing on cost-effective quality accommodation, supported by technology and our network of specialized partners, we can operate hotels even in smaller localities. Local businesses offer all other related services, according to each customer’s own needs and preferences.

The first Place to Sleep Hotel opened in Loviisa in May 2017. In just two years the hotel chain comprised eight hotels. Our growth continues both nationally and internationally. Welcome to join us as customer or partner!

Business driver in smaller locations

Thanks to our hotel services tourists and work travelers can stay longer in smaller destinations, instead of overnighting in the closest bigger city. The extra expenditure on dining and other services is vital to most smaller communities. At the same time we can satisfy the trend of local travel and the wish to experience local culture instead of generic hotel concepts.

Liminka, a small Finnish municipality just south of Oulu, is a great example of how well the Place to Sleep concept works and how local communities welcome us with open arms.

Blue ocean strategy: Case Liminka

Many people know nothing about Liminka, or at most has heard the name. The curious matter, however, is that the estuary situated in Liminka by the Baltic Sea is Europe’s top place to spot birds. Liminka Bay (Liminganlahti) hosts about 200 different species of birds. The natural habitat of the area attracts thousands and thousands of bird enthusiasts annually, from Finland and all over the world.

According to statistics, the accommodation supply for birds in Liminka is relatively good because the area boasts more than 1,100 birdhouses. For tourists, on the other hand, accommodation facilities are clearly more scarce, hence the bird watchers must overnight in hotels in the nearby larger cities.

Traditional “full-service” hotels usually require a demand for hundreds of rooms in order to be profitable, and of course such a grande demand is not created by fellow bird watchers. Nevertheless, birdwatchers need a place to sleep. They do not come to Liminka for sauna bathing, to visit the gym, for lounging in posh lobby bars, or for ordering packed sandwiches from the room service. For them, the reason and pretty much sole purpose of the trip is the estuary, and they want to invest their time and money in their hobby.

Place to Sleep Hotels was created precisely to meet this need. We wanted to offer accommodation without costly extra services. Our concept allows us to always offer a high-quality place to sleep and at the same time operate the hotels profitably even in smaller localities. The winners are equally the travelers as well as the local community.

Our vision

But it does not end in Liminka. Similar accommodation needs can be found in numerous locations across Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond. Our vision is to be the best agile accommodation solution. We focus on localities outside prime hotel locations with the objective to operate 500 hotels in Europe by 2029. There are around 5000 cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants in Europe, so the potential is huge. Where will Place to Sleep Hotels go next?

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Our concept: the world's smartest hotel chain

Place to Sleep Hotels is a ‘Smart Hotel’ chain. Our agile concept has three ground pillars:

  • Smart choice: Our customers always get a room with fresh design, quality beds and good amenities at a reasonable price. Other services are optional. We offer easy access and a local experience.
  • Smart location: We can offer year round accommodation even for small localities where traditional hotel concepts cannot operate profitably.
  • Smart service: Our concept builds on digital services and a partner network, enabling cost-effective, scalable and agile operations – without compromising on quality. We build an ecosystem around our hotels, which benefits also local businesses.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received along our journey. We sincerely thank all our customers and partners for joining us in disrupting the hotel industry.

Place to Sleep Hotels' value proposition

More diverse and distributed year-round accommodation services is a welcome opportunity both for work and leisure travel. Working with local partners also supports the trend of local experience tourism.

We welcome you to stay at a Place to Sleep Hotel alone, in pairs, with family, or even in bigger groups. You will always get well-functioning Nordic simplicity, high-quality beds and well-equipped rooms at reasonable prices. We offer comfortable accommodation in any location. Other services always come with a local twist, as they are provided by local businesses.

Place to Sleep Hotels – Smart comfort with a local twist.

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