Information about your stay at Sleep@Rauma Hotel


Arrival is easy. There are no check-in formalities. You should have received your room number and door code by email and / or text message in the morning of your arrival day. If necessary, please check your email’s spam folder. If you cannot find these messages and thereby do not know your door code, please contact our customer service at +358 28 376 2000.

Your door code has five digits and it is valid from 3 PM on the day of your arrival. The same private code gives you access to your room and to the hotel entrance door.


Departure is easy. There are no check-out formalities. Your key code is valid until noon on the day of your departure, by which time you need to leave your room.

We do not have the possibility to store luggage in the hotel.

More information and customer service

> Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

> Rules of Order can be found here. Please note that smoking is prohibited in all our hotels, both in the rooms and in the rest of the hotel.

> Customer Service is at your service 24/7. In urgent matters, please contact us over phone at +358 28 376 2000. There is a free of charge customer service phone in the lobby of each hotel. Just pick up the receiver and you’ll be connected to a customer service agent. Non-urgent inquiries can be made at 

Hotel specific information

Hotel address: Myllymäenkatu 3, 26100 Rauma

WiFi: network = SleepAtRauma, password = SleepRauma

Parking: Free parking for the hotel guest is available outside the hotel, access from Myllymäenkatu

Breakfast: The hotel does not serve breakfast, but there is a fridge in each room so you can bring breakfast of your own liking. Coffee and tea is also available in each room.

Restaurants and cafes: check Visit Rauma

Taxi: 0600 300 33 (from abroad: +358 600 300 33)

Tourist information: Visit Rauma.