FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival and departure

When can I access my room?

The hotel door code will be active from 15:00 on the day of arrival.

When do I have to check-out?

Check-out is latest at 12:00 pm (noon) on the day of departure, which is when the door codes will stop working. You do not have to check-out separately, you can leave at your own discretion.

Arriving earlier or checking out later?

The door codes will be active during the abovementioned times, and our customer service is unfortunately unable to change them.

Arrival and departure instructions?

On the day of your arrival, you may arrive at the hotel’s premises and your room with the door code you received without any separate check-in or registration. Your room is available for you from 15:00 (3:00 pm). On the date of departure entered in the reservation, the room must be cleared by no later than 12:00 pm (noon), which is when the door code will stop working. Upon leaving you do not have to check-out separately.

How can I get my room number and key?

At Place to Sleep Hotels we do not use traditional keys. The doors operate with door codes. On the morning of your arrival at 9:00 am, you will receive your room number and a door code that will remain active for the duration of your visit. These details will be sent to you by e-mail, and SMS if your cell phone number was also indicated during booking. Please note that your room will be available and the door code will work from 15:00 (3:00 pm) on the day of your arrival. The same code allows you access at the front door of the hotel, the hallway doors and your room.

How do I get my door code?

On the morning of your arrival at 9:00 am, your door code will be sent to you by e-mail, and SMS if your cell phone number was also indicated during booking. The same door code will remain active for the duration of your visit and you may arrive at the hotel at your own discretion (according to the abovementioned times). The same code works at the front door of the hotel, the hallway doors and your room.

Hotels and rooms

What does the room come equipped with?

In addition to the high-quality beds, the rooms come equipped with a table, chair, shelf unit, and TV. All normal rooms have a private bathroom. The group rooms have a common bathroom. Sheets, pillows, towels and blankets are reserved for the number of guests indicated in the reservation.

Other amenities include a mini-fridge, microwave oven, kettle, hair dryer and soap. Additionally, the hotel provides coffee, tea and cutlery.

Does the hotel have WIFI?

Yes. All room reservations include complimentary high speed wireless internet access.

Do the rooms have a safety deposit box or lockable cupboards?

The rooms do not have a safety deposit or lockable cupboards, however, all sleeping spaces in the rooms are lockable.

How many guests can stay in one room?

The maximum number of guests staying in one room is indicated at time of booking for each room respectively. An exception to this rule is a family of five staying in a room for four people, if at least one child is under seven years old. In this case, Place to Sleep is not obliged to provide additional bedding or towels.

Each guest’s personal data shall be provided at time of booking and only designated persons are entitled to stay in the hotel premises and rooms. Place to Sleep maintains the right to terminate the accommodation contract and dismiss the whole entourage from the hotel with immediate effect if a person other than the designated stays in the hotel premises.

Is smoking allowed in the hotel and in the rooms?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms and other areas of the hotel. Smoking usually causes a fire alarm, and the person responsible for the violation will be held fully liable for all associated costs. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

A person who violates the smoking rule and smokes in the hotel premises (the contact person in the reservation) will be charged a surveillance fee (200 €) as well as all additional costs incurred due to smoking (such as additional cleaning costs).

How often are the rooms cleaned?

During longer stays, we conduct a light cleaning, including bathroom cleaning with towel changes every third day (after two nights). Every fifth day (after four nights) we conduct a full maintenance cleaning including bed linen change.

Where can I find my room number?

On the morning of your arrival at 9:00 am, your room number and door code will be sent to you by e-mail, and SMS if your cell phone number has also been indicated during booking. The door code will remain active until noon on your departure day.

Does the hotel have parking spaces for customers?

The hotels do not always have their own parking spots. However, in the near vicinity of the hotels you can find paid municipal or private parking facilities (opening hours and prices vary). Hotel specific information can be found on the Info page.

Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Place to Sleep Hotels does not include breakfast in the normal room rates. In some hotels we also offer prices including breakfast. Hotel specific details are available on our Info page. Contracted customers have the option of adding breakfast to their invoice.

Do the hotels offer rooms for disabled guests?

Place to Sleep hotels have a few rooms for customers using wheelchairs. Since these are not directly listed in the reservation system, we kindly ask you to turn to our customer service for inquiries.

Can a minor to stay at a Place to Sleep hotel?

We welcome minors at our hotels, provided that the same reservation includes at least one responsible adult who is also staying at the hotel.

May I bring a pet along to a Place to Sleep hotel?

Yes, pets are welcome. However, we charge a 15€ additional fee for pets. Please select the additional service “Pet fee” when booking your room in our booking portal. As of yet, you cannot book pet rooms through external booking systems (eg. Booking.com).

Guide dogs stay free of charge. However, you need to book your room via our sales service. Send a booking inquiry here.

If pets are brought into the hotel with no prior inquiry a surveillance fee (200€) will be charged, along with all additional costs incurred by bringing the pet (such as additional cleaning costs).

You can contact our customer service for more information.

If I arrive before 15:00, do the hotels provide luggage storage?

Currently, the hotels do not provide luggage storage. In most towns, luggage storage can be found in the vicinity of your hotel, for example, at the bus or railway station.

Do you charge extra for children?

Room prices are always fixed regardless of the number of guests. Quadruple rooms can accommodate families of five if at least one child is under seven years old. In such a case, Place to Sleep hotels are not obliged to provide more room bedding or towels. Place to Sleep hotels do not provide children’s beds, however guests may choose to bring their own beds for their children (excluding group rooms).

Reservations and customer information

How can I book a room?

The best room rates are always listed in our website’s booking engine.
Groups (5+ rooms), long term guests, guests with pets or special needs and contracted customers can also book via our sales service.

Can I book a room for another person?

Reservations can also be made on behalf of another person. Please note that each reservation must include at least one adult.

How can I change or cancel a reservation?

You can change or cancel your reservation by calling customer service. Changes and cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of your reservation. Please note that some discount rates are “non-refundable”.

The cancellation policy applicable to your reservation is indicated at the time of booking. We kindly ask every customer to observe it carefully.

If you have made your reservation through an external booking site (e.g. Booking.com), changes and cancellations shall also be made through that site.

How can I change and / or cancel a reservation made through another site?

Changes and cancellations to reservations made through external booking sites (e.g. Booking.com) shall be made directly through the relevant website. The service provider’s terms and conditions apply. Place to Sleep customer service does not have the authority to revise reservations made through other booking channels.

Can I trust that my personal data will be treated confidentially?

Absolutely. Your personal data will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Your data is recorded in the Passenger Name Record (PNR), which is a passenger record that all hotels must keep up-to-date according to the Law (Hospitality Act (308/2006)). The customer data in the PNR is used to process the passenger notifications as required by law, to ensure general order and safety, to prevent and detect criminal activity, and for the production of statistics (e.g. for national statistical authority purposes). The law permits passengers’ personal data to be used by the Registrar for customer service and direct marketing purposes, unless the passenger has prohibited such processing according to the Personal Data Act, § 30.

Further information on PNRs is available on our Booking conditions and Privacy policy.

What are the acceptable methods of payment?

We accept major credit cards and Place to Sleep Gift Cards. Shortly, we will be adding on the option of e-payment. For larger groups or contracted customers we also offer invoicing.

I am unable to make a reservation with my bank / credit card

Please make sure that you have not entered special characters in the name or card number fields. Special characters include, for example: (.) ??(,) (-) (/) (:).

Is it safe to give my credit card information and to pay online?

Place to Sleep Hotels uses a secure payment site in processing card payments. Thus, the booking site stays closed and the entered data can not be accessed by outsiders. We do not store payment card data on our own server.

Can I pay by bill?

Invoice / bill payment is possible for long term or larger group bookings or contracted customers. An additional fee is added to bill payments and in case of overdue invoices, legal costs and interests will be charged according to the law. Please contact our sales service:

Groups or longer stays

How do I pay with a Gift Card?

If you wish to pay your reservation with a Gift Card, please contact our sales service through the form on our Sales Service page. Enter the code on your Gift Card in the “Additional information” field.

When will I receive a receipt for the stay?

Your booking confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address once you have completed the booking.

Problem situations at the hotel

Door code does not work!

If you are experiencing trouble with your door code, please wait a brief moment until the code reader resets and then try to enter the code again, calmly. A code that is entered too quickly cannot be read correctly. If the door code still does not work, please double-check the date of booking, the hotel, and the arrival and departure times. Please note that your room and the door code (starting from the front door) will be active on the day of your arrival from 15:00 onward (local time), not earlier. If the code problem persists, please contact our customer service.

I have lost my door code

The room number and door code will be sent to the e-mail indicated in the booking on the morning of your arrival at 9:00 am local time. Additionally, this information will be sent to you by SMS if your cell phone number has also been indicated during booking.

If you are unable to find these messages, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

My room has flaws

If you encounter any flaws in your room, please call our customer service immediately. There is a free of charge customer care phone in the hotel lobby.

General problem situations

Our customer service is available over telephone 24/7. There is a free customer service phone in the hotel lobby.

Disturbances in the hotel

If you encounter disturbances or too much noise at the hotel, please call our customer service immediately. There is a free customer service phone in the hotel lobby. According to the terms of Place to Sleep Hotels, all guests have the right to a peaceful visit. To ensure this, a security guard will be called when necessary. Guests engaging in continuous inappropriate activity may be dismissed from the hotel.

Lost and forgotten goods

Goods left at hotels are delivered to our partners once a week. Inquiries and retrieval of lost goods:

Satakunnan Löytötavaratoimisto
Isolinnankatu 7, 28100 Pori
P. 0600 14111 (1,99€/min + local network charge)